Dear fans and followers.  My name is Casey Martel and I am a 34 year old married husband of two, Taylor and Timothy, living in Bronx, New York.  I originally moved to New York as part of SAP’s international business program and immediately fell in love with the city and its culture.  I am a huge sports fan and one of my first experiences in the Big Apple was attending a Yankees game which is a moment I will never forget.  The camaraderie, the history, the food, the nostalgia, the players, the fans it was just everything about the game that really started to create a soft spot in my heart for New York.  While I do not work for the tech giant SAP anymore I still wanted to create a blog that I could use to not only share my business experiences and passion for all things Yankees but to hopefully give outsiders an inside look as to what its like working and living in a world mecca.  I learned so much about business from SAP and so much about life from New York and the Yankees I feel its only right to try and give back some of the insight and knowledge that helps me thrive in this bustling and often times unknown environment.  So stay tuned if these topics interest you and stay tuned for plenty of tech and sports topics as they apply to everyday life.