A Great New York Yankee Celebrated – A ESPN Babe Ruth Infographic Review

Okay I am a huge Yankees fan and I really love the past greats which is why I got so excited when I saw this infographic on ESPN.  This infographic is just such a great representation of what the Yankees are all about.  The Bronx was the first place I lived when I moved to America for my job and I have not thought about leaving since and the Yankee spirit is a huge part of that.  From a European country I always just watched mostly soccer but ever since my first Yankees game for some reason I have been hooked on MLB baseball.  Lets look at some of the reasons that make Babe Ruth and Yankees lore so great.  This ESPN infographic is a perfect overview.


Babe Ruth – 11 Seasons of 40 Plus Home Runs (most all time)

To me this is just incredible.  This also in an era lets remind ourselves where performance enhancers were none existent.  I think Ruth loved Hot Dogs and Beer if that says anything about his attempts to go beyond his natural abilities.  A true legend and still the “Home Run” king to this day.  I like this stat a lot because it highlights a consistent work ethic.  We all should try to show up to our work as the best every year we step to the plate.

Babe Ruth – Hit His First Home Run As An Arch Rival Red Sox on May, 6th  on 1915

Love this babe stat as it just shows how quickly life can change.  One moment your on one side and the next moment your on the other.  Lots of great lessons here.  I think one of the best takeaways here is respect the competition.  Who knows you might be joining them sooner then you think.

Babe Ruth – Only Player With Multiple 3 Home Run Games In The World Series

This is a great one because its a great lesson on performing on the big stage when it matters.  Sure we have all have great moments every now and then within our normal everyday activities but do we ever rise to the occasion when it matters most?  Do we ever get to the pinnacle’s of our profession all while being named MVP?  These are the elements of life The Babe showed us were possible in all of us.

Have any life or business lessons you have learned from a sports team or sports player?  What about a big city experience that you felt helped shape you?  Send it on over as I would love to share it with my readers!